Four models in pastel coloured clothing hold pineapples in front of their faces in a tropical photo shoot by Victoria Siddle for DIYcouture

A model in a pastel striped dress holds a pineapple above her head in photo by Victoria Siddle for DIYcouture

A model in a pale yelow dress holds a horse shaped balloon in photo by Victoria Siddle for DIYcouture


Models wear (left to right): pleated skirt, romper, wrap top, cape.


Angela wears the DIYcouture grecian dress.

Far right:

Chrissie wears the DIYcouture gathered dress.

Photos by Victoria Siddle.

A hand holds a copy of the book 'DIY Couture; create your own fashion collection.'

Make your own clothes with DIYcouture's book

You can sew your own summer wardrobe by using our book of simple, illustrated sewing tutorials. The book contains instructions for twelve different designs, which can be tailor made to your own taste. Click on the book to take a closer look.

We use no sewing jargon, so that anyone can enjoy making and wearing homemade clothing.

A deep magenta coloured version of the DIYcouture wrap top

New instructions coming soon

We are currently working hard on our newest set of instructions, 'How to make a wrap top'. Most excitingly, the instructions will be released as a free download. Click on the image to the right for a description of the wrap top and a closer look at the many ways it can be made.

In the mean time, why not check out our 'How to make a tulip skirt' instructions? The tulip skirt is a waist-hugging number with a cheeky slit at the back, and the instructions are also free!