DIYcouture has made two unusual clothing collections: rather than purchasing a garment, the customer purchases a set of simple, visual instructions, which enable them to make that garment themselves.

The instructions remove the need for complex sewing patterns. Diagrams and pictures take the maker through the creation process, so that unique, personally fitted pieces of clothing are accessible to anyone.

The DIYcouture collections are groups of simple, classic pieces that can be almost endlessly re-invented.

These form the seed of an infinite, mushrooming mega collection by a multitude of makers. Each of the pieces is a possibility brought to life again and again in a new incarnation by every person that chooses to sew it themselves.

Inspired by the thousands of invisible pairs of hands around the globe that make the clothes we buy, DIYcouture hopes to inspire people to get up to their elbows in the 3-dimensional world of creation. It supports the slow revolution. Helping people to produce garments that are precious, rather than disposable, this is the antithesis of fast-fashion.

"DIYcouture's Rosie Martin shows us that high-end UK fashion is just a few steps away with her clever series of how-to books - tailored to accommodate even the most amateur, pattern-fearing seamstresses."

Peppermint Magazine, July 2011

"As someone who took sewing classes at University as part of my merchandising degree I can honestly say that your method is unlike anything that I've seen. I love the simple fact that you encourage tracing already existing garments to make a new pattern - makes so much sense but people always over-complicate it!"

Ana Maria, blogger, September 2011