Danielle wears a royal blue wrap top by DIYcouture

How to make a wrap top

The wrap top is a drapey, long sleeved top and we (almost) guarantee it will become your new favourite wardrobe staple.

The wrap top is designed to let your fabric do the talking. Best fabrics to fabrics that have a certain floppiness to them, it can be made with weighty fabric to form a warm coat, or with light fabric such as chiffon to form a light top layer on summer evenings.

It can be made with a deep dramatic collar or no collar at all. It can be made short so it hangs at the hips, or long so that it can be worn as a dress. It can be drawn in at the waist with a belt to give a curvacious silhouette, or left open to hang in loose folds.

Illustration of a wrap top by DIYcouture