pleated skirt


gathered dress

wrap top


straight skirt

grecian dress


jump suit

elastic trousers


tulip skirt

There are twelve pieces in the DIYcouture collection. Each of the twelve pieces has an equivalent book, which enables you to make the piece yourself. The pieces are:

1. The pleated skirt
2. The cloak
3. The gathered dress
4. The wrap top
5. The shrug
6. The straight skirt
7. The grecian dress
8. The jump suit
9. The kaftan
10. The pair of trousers
11. The hoody
12. The tulip skirt

DIYcouture's twelve pieces are a bacterial beginning, the spawn of a collection that will continue expanding and shifting as people make their own versions of the garments using DIYcouture's books. This is a limitless, monstrous, mushrooming mega-collection by a growing multitude of makers.