DIYcouture visually explains the process of making clothes, so that everyone can enjoy sewing their own garments. Our instructions are simple as well as detailed, guiding you carefully through the construction process.

illustration of a wrap top

How to make a wrap top

'How to make a wrap top' is a detailed sewing tutorial, free for you to use at your leisure.

Download the tutorial as a Pdf.

The wrap top is a drapey, long sleeved layer, designed to let your fabric do the talking. It can be made with a deep dramatic collar or no collar at all. It can be made short so it hangs at the hips, or long so that it can be worn as a dress. It can be wrapped across the body and fastened at the shoulder with buttons or a brooch, drawn in at the waist with a belt to give a curvacious silhouette, or left open to hang in loose folds.

illustration of a wrap top

DIY fabric design

We got together with design team The People's Print to explain how to turn a fun collage into a repeated pattern that can be printed onto fabric.

Call it DIY or call it bespoke, it is definitely unique.

We ran a competition for DIY fabric designers. That's all over now, but you can still access the amazing tutorial by The People's Print.

Photo of a woman in colourful printed clothing

Photo of a collage

How to make a tulip skirt

illustration of a tulip skirt

'How to make a tulip skirt' is a detailed sewing tutorial, free for you to use at your leisure. Click on the image to the left to download the tutorial as a Pdf.

The tulip skirt hugs the waist and flares out at the hips to give a curvy, Vivienne Westwood-esque silhouette. It is is shaped with pleats and fastens at the back with a zip.

For images of the various ways the tulip skirt can be made and worn, please have a look at our gallery.

Three poses wearing DIYcouture's tulip skirt

How to sew with straight stitch

extract from 'How to sew straight stitch' Pdf

How to sew with zig-zag stitch

thumbnail image showing zig zag stitch Pdf

How to make a turban hairband

front cover of hairband instructions